Why hire a birth photographer?

Lately, I’ve been craving the experience of shooting another birth. Truth be told, if I had to pick two areas to photograph for the rest of my life, I’d choose weddings + births. Can you imagine the amount of pure love I get to experience on a frequent basis? It is so, so special. Because of my demanding wedding schedule I do limit the amount of births I am able to take every year, but I love love love when I’m able to do them.

So, I thought I’d give all the reasons why I think it’s important to have an experienced photographer in your loving, sacred space as you bring new life into the world.

  1. You’re freaking having a baby!
    What! This is so exciting! But with all of that excitement + anticipation comes work. You need your support people to be there to support you when you need it—not to worry about fumbling around with the iPhone. Not to mention, lighting in a birthing room can be super tricky, and I can handle that! Allowing you and your supports to be in the moment to fully experience one of the best times in your life is ultimately the best reason to hire a birth photographer.

  2. It all goes so fast.

    Now, this is coming from someone who endured 28 and 24 hour labors. But, coming from a mom myself, I know how fast it all seems to go. I look at the births I am a part of and think “I don’t remember any of that during my own”. Mom is often focused inward during birth, controlling emotions, breathing and listening to her body. I buzz around in the background, capturing all of those glances, tears, tiny toes and cries so you never forget.

  3. It’s not just a luxury.

    I know this is a relatively new area of professional photography and to many is considered a luxury. I know it’s not cheap. I also know it’s worth it. Keep in mind, I am all in once I get to the hospital — whether you have the baby two hours later or 14 hours later, I’m there. The memories I am able to capture will not be ones you throw in an album and never revisit. As a mother, those moments are ones you will want to revisit as often as possible, and that is absolutely worth the investment.

  4. It’s not as scary as it sounds!
    The birthing room is a sacred space and the mood, vibe and emotions in that room need to be just right. I get that. I also know this is a very private time for a woman and her partner. I assure you, I am a professional. I will respect your modesty at all times and, having shot in both major hospitals in Sioux Falls, am familiar with the rules the doctors have so I am in compliance while shooting. Prior to shooting your birth story, we discuss in detail what your vision and needs are for your birth story.

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Laci Fruit