Hi, I’m Laci!

When I sat down to write this, I thought…I should talk about why I choose photography every single day. Running a business isn’t easy. Marketing myself isn’t my strong suit. Taxes are likely to kill me someday (math + I are not friends).

Truth be told, it wasn’t my original plan.

I got my master’s degree in 2015 to become a prison therapist—however, my heart
pulled me back to shooting weddings.

They’re my favorite. I love everything about them.


The planning. The flowers. The dress. The rings. The bowties. The loved ones. The beautifully planned details. The tears. The vows. The best man speech. The awkward drunk uncle at the dance. The cake. The loving glances. The LOVE.

I am often asked if I ever get sick of weddings. How can I possibly watch the same process over and over and over again?

The truth?

No wedding I’ve ever shot has ever been the same as the last. Every single wedding surprises me in some way, keeps me on my toes and teaches me something. I am brought to tears at every.single.one. for one reason or another.

I feel the same passion for every family I meet, every birth I am a part of, every glowing mom-to-be I take photos of as she anxiously awaits the day she meets her new babe. Simply put, I have a sincere passion for people, for having fun and for making photos something we don’t dread.